About Us

Who are we?

Zuello's journey began in 2016. Our team was primarily selling high ticket and high quality items on the famous website, Amazon.com. We used the top suppliers and everything was sent to Amazon for fulfillment. We believed this was the way to go and envisioned a lifetime partnership with Amazon to take over online shopping.

However, later on, we realized the amount of experience we were gaining. Amazon was charging insane fees which meant that we had to mark up the prices on our products and increase shipping prices just to make a profit. This really impacted us and most importantly, our customers. The team behind Zuello felt it was right to move away from Amazon, and start an independent company, thus forming "Zuello.com."

We convinced our top suppliers to move with us and they agreed. We operate in the U.S.A. with huge warehouses in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Now that we were independent, it allowed us to price our products at a MUCH cheaper price. Without Amazon, Zuello is able to ensure the happiness of our customers with the BEST prices and FREE shipping worldwide.

The Vision

We find and manufacture the trendiest, hottest, and most useful products for our customers. 

Our goal now is to put Zuello in a position where it, as a company, can become profitable while still ENSURING the lowest prices for our customers. We at Zuello prioritize our customers' happiness over anything else. The work that we have put in has resulted in an overwhelming response and we continue to scale our product line to lower costs and to focus on delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Payment Security and Privacy (SSL certificate)

We know how scary it could be to enter personal information online. Do not worry, as your online transaction on Zuello is secure with the upmost highest levels of security. Zuello.com uses SSL encryption technology to protect your card information while transmitting it by SSL directly to a secure e-vault to process your payment. In less nerdy terms, this means that your data is not delivered to us, but instead is transmitted through the secure Shopify SSL electronic vault in order to successfully process your payment. You can also use Paypal as an alternative payment gateway, which is always safe and reliable.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Because we prioritize our customers' happiness, we have invested a lot of time and money to keep you safe. We cover expenses if ANYTHING happens to your order. Whether it be your package was lost in transit or damaged, we have you covered. So whatever may be the matter, Zuello keeps your money safe.

Have any questions?

Contact us at support@zuello.com, and we will be happy to help.

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